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Local Search Marketing

If you have a small business and would like to get involved in local search marketing but think it would be too difficult to compete against the “big guys,”, then consider these interesting statistics:

  • According to Burst Media, “57% of shoppers say the Internet is their primary source of information pre-purchase,” AND
  • According to ForeSee Results and FGI Research, “86% of Internet shoppers prefer to buy locally.”

How will these consumer behavior trends impact your small business?

The statistics mentioned above point to some interesting conclusions.  For instance, since more and more shoppers are starting to go to the Internet as their primary source of pre-purchase information and they also prefer to buy locally, that leaves room for local businesses everywhere to start their own local search marketing campaigns and “show their stuff.”  After all, most people are not necessarily demanding that there will be more superstores in their neighborhood; some of the best potential customers simply want good products at good prices—that they can conveniently access--and they want to find them online.


Conclusion: If you know that people in your area would be interested in the goods or services you provide, then you better get started with local search marketing!


How should you begin your local search marketing campaign?

With Innuity’s LeadConnect™ local search marketing services, you can get your key business information found by the qualified consumers who are searching online for products that they would prefer to buy in your local area.  LeadConnect can provide you with the following services for a reasonable price:

  • The easy creation and organization of your business’ information profile so that it contains all of your key information, including: the brand names that you carry, the services you provide, your hours of operation and more.
  • Distribution of your enhanced business profile to the Internet’s yellow pages and top-level search engines such as Google, Yahoo, MSN, etc. – all the places that your target customers are searching.
  • Valuable back links to your business’ website to improve the natural search ranking for your business.

If you want to get your local business online, sign up online today and start building your profile with Innuity’s LeadConnect local search marketing services.  Find out how you can get your small business online without spending more than you can afford.


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