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Local Online Advertising

In your business, do you feel that you are utilizing effective types of advertising? Local online advertising is becoming more popular among business owners because more and more shoppers are using the Internet to research the products they buy both online and off.

LeadConnect™: Advertising Local Online Services for Small Businesses.
If you own a small business, you probably wonder how you can compete with the “big guys” online.  The truth is that on a local scale search engines want every size of business to advertise via the Internet so that online shoppers can have a variety of products and services that are convenient for their local shopping needs.  Why not get involved with online local advertising with LeadConnect? You don’t even need a business website.  LeadConnect can do what it takes to help you find the leads that you’ve been waiting for.  Innuity’s LeadConnect services will also provide the following for your business:

  1. Allow you to create your own business profile (it takes only minutes)
  2. Submit your business’s information to more than 35 search engines, including top-tier engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN, etc.
  3. Submit your information to online directories and the Internet yellow pages as well.
  4. Help online shoppers find your business information even if you don’t have a website!

Get Ahead with LeadConnect’s Advertising Local Online Services

Small businesses that get online will be one step ahead of other small businesses when it comes to advertising and local online marketing.  Why? Well, according to Foresee Results and FGI Research, “86% of Internet shoppers prefer to buy locally,” and according to BurstMedia, “57% of shoppers say the Internet is their primary source of information pre-purchase.” That’s great news for small business that get their business information online locally.


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