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Local Advertising!

Local advertising isn’t always easy.  It can be hard to know where to start.  Direct mail? Bill Boards? Local Internet marketing?

Choose the Internet--Locally!
No matter what kinds of marketing strategies you decide to combine, make sure to leave room for local Internet marketing.  Innuity’s LeadConnect™ online local advertising services provide the following services for small businesses:

  • The creation of your business’s profile
  • Search engine submission to top-tier search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN, AOL, etc.
  • Submission to the online Yellow Pages
  • Submission to online directories
  • Back link recruitment for your website (If you don’t have a website, LeadConnect can still help you increase the level of purchase)

Statistics that Support Online Local Advertising

Did you know that according to Burst Media, 57% of shoppers say the Internet is their primary source of information pre-purchase,” and that according to ForeSee Results and FGI Research, “86% of Internet shoppers prefer to buy locally?”  These statistics can lead to some encouraging conclusions for small business owners:


1) A lot of shoppers are making their pre-purchase decisions online, but that doesn’t mean that they make their purchases online.  Many shoppers actually find their information online and buy specific products or services offline.  As a local small business, that is important information for you! Make sure that you business information is online and can be found by local shoppers.


2) Internet shoppers are not necessarily shopping to find the big corporate companies.  In many cases, they might prefer a small business with friendly service and reasonably priced products and services.  However, it won’t matter how friendly your staff is or how reasonably priced your products and services are if they can’t find your business information online.  Take advantage of the online local advertising services that LeadConnect can provide! 


Local Advertising with Innuity’s LeadConnect

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